NW2C 911 - Special Event Station

On September 11th, 2001 our nation’s collective heart stopped as four terrorist piloted planes took thousands of innocent lives and attempted to destroy the American Spirit. The terrorists efforts, like those who have wished us ill throughout our nation’s history, were futile. Heroes immediately came forward to revive that American Spirit, combat this evil, and ensure that we will never forget.

On September 11th, 2011, ten years after these atrocities, the Northeast Wireless Radio Club will honor all those who have died, and those who continue to fight the war on terror. We will broadcast a Special Event Station, NW2C from historic Fort Totten, located in Bayside New York, only a few miles from Ground Zero. Fort Totten was one of many places used in the recovery and healing during 9/11. Perhaps, in this small way, we here at the Northeast Wireless Radio Club will contribute to our nations promise to NEVER FORGET.

We will be on the air Sunday, September 11th from 12noon till about 6pm EDT (NYC) - 1700z - 2300z. We will be operating in the General Bands. Please check the clusters for frequency updates. We will have operators on Phone, Digital and CW.

We respectfully ask that due to the secure nature of the Fort, the limited on air availability, as well as our limited permit for the area, that only invited guests attempt to attend the event.


For those that contact us and wish to receive a Certificate of Confirmation, three distinct types will be available:

A certificate will be issued for Phone Contacts with the words -WE WILL NEVER FORGET in Black Ink.
Make contacts in any two different modes, the words -WE WILL NEVER FORGET will be in Silver.

Complete a contact in all three modes and -WE WILL NEVER FORGET will be in Gold.

We please ask that you send $2.00 to help defer some of the costs to:
Northeast Wireless Radio Club

213-37 39th Avenue, Suite 175Bayside, NY 11361

Bayside, NY 11361

For further information contact: Phil N2ZEG (718)877-0066 or Angelo K2FY (917)864-4628

God Bless the fallen, God Bless those who serve and protect us from domestic and foreign enemies, GOD Bless us all and